Mr. Satish Goyal, Chairman

On behalf of the Management, staff and the school community, I extend to all our parents and children a very warm welcome and sincerely hope that your association with our school will be a happy and productive one. The world of tomorrow will be created by the children of today. Thus, the onus to contribute something worthwhile to the society primarily rests on these children. Education is the basic requirement for the success of an individual in the present modern world. Acquiring knowledge isn’t just about learning textbooks, or securing marks, it is more about sharpening our skills, shaping our psyche, developing social virtues, and ultimately being of service to the society.

I believe that character formation should have priority over knowledge of the alphabet, as education without character is like the sun without its radiance. Following this ideology, we, at Alok Bharti, facilitate the children to use their potential optimally, positively and creatively, which helps them to become aware and independent, make correct choices, and thus stand for what is true and right.